Multisectoral group

The company's aim is to create long-term value growth by operating in companies with attractive potential, primarily in Finland, but also in neighboring areas.

Ingman Group is a multisectoral group which business areas include Primary Production and Consumer Goods, Technology and Service as well as Finance and Real Estate.

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Primary Production and Consumer Goods
Halti Oy


Halti is a company specialised in sports and outdoor clothing from the Finnish Lapland. The headquarters are located in Söderkulla, Finland. The company has a great history as a leading outdoor clothing and equipment supplier in Finland since the mid 70's. Halti of today is a fast growing international company.


Halti designs and markets outdoor clothing collections including accessories, footwear and selected outdoor equipment for all seasons. The key product areas are winter sports (alpine skiing, cross-country skiing) and Outdoor Sports. The products are sold under the brands “Halti” and “Raiski” through sporting goods retailers, department stores and hypermarkets. The key market areas are Finland, neighboring areas and Central European alpine countries.


Halti is a subsidiary of Ingman Group since year 2012.

AS Trigon Dairy Farming


Ingman Group bought a share in AS Trigon Dairy Farming Estonia in 2013. The company is one of the largest dairy farming companies in the EU.


The farms are located in Kärla in Saaremaa and in Kaiu and Väätsa in Central Estonia.


The turnover is about 12 million EUR. The company owns about 3500 milking cows and controls approximately 8000 hectares of farming land.

AS PK Oliver


AS PK Oliver provides wood processing services, of which the wood chip production and the heating services for thermal power plants are the largest ones.


The company was founded in 1993, and operates in all three Baltic countries. The head office is based in Tartu, Estonia.

The company has 40 employees and a turnover on 10 million EUR.

Technology and Service
Etteplan Oyj


Etteplan is specialised in industrial equipment engineering and technical product information solutions and services. Etteplan’s engineering expertise and service products cover the entire life cycle of the client’s products. The customers are global leaders in their fields and operate in areas like the automotive, aerospace and defense industries as well as the electricity generation and power transmission sectors, and material flow management. 

Etteplan has comprehensive competence in electronics and embedded systems development, automation and electrical design, mechanical design and technical product information solutions and services. 

In 2016, Etteplan had a turnover of 183.9 million EUR. The company has currently more than 2 400 experts in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and China. Etteplan's shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

Etteplan is a subsidiary of Ingman Group since the autumn 2013.



Digia​ Oyj


Digia is a Finnish software solutions and service company with nearly 1 200 professionals creating inventive solutions and bringing success to people, businesses and communities in everyday life. Digia improves its customers' competitiveness with multi-channeled enterprise solutions that improve effectiveness and customer experience. Their customers trust their insightful specialists, their deep industry comprehension and recognized wide-ranging technology know-how. Digia’s innovative products are available for people around the world. 

Digia delivers ICT solutions and services to various industries, focusing especially on finance, the public sector, trade and services and telecommunications. Digia operates in Finland, the U.S., Norway, Sweden, Germany and China. The company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki exchange.


Ingman Group owns 22,31 % of the shares in Digia.



The Qt Company​ Oyj


The Qt Company is responsible for Qt development, productization and licensing under commercial and open-source licenses. Qt is a C++ based framework of libraries and tools that enables the development of powerful, interactive and cross-platform applications and devices. The company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki exchange.


Ingman Group owns 21,65 % of the shares in The Qt Company.



M-Brain Oy


M-Brain is a competitive business and market intelligence company monitoring and analyzing online editorial and social media, as well as traditional printed media and radio and television broadcasts. M-Brain's services are based on a unique combination of the company's own superior search technology and intelligent human filtering, editing and analysis. The company provides fast and relevant information for decision-making on a global basis.

Ingman Group has been a co-owner of M-Brain since 2011.

Finance and Real Estate
Ingman Finance Oy Ab


Ingman Finance is the group’s investment company, which concentrates on liquid short-term investments in different types of securities as shares, fund shares, private equity etc. 

Ingman Baltic Sea Finance OÜ


Ingman Baltic Sea Finance is the group’s Estonian investment company, which concentrates on short- and mid-term investments in mostly the real estate business. 


Fastighets Ab Sibbo Solbacka


Ingman Group’s head office is located in Sibbo Solbacka’s facilities on Massbyntie 101.


The real estate company Sibbo Solbacka rents out, in addition to office spaces, also a gym, which is open for the public, and a swimming pool, that can be rented to groups with their own supervisor.



Evli Bank Oyj


Evli Bank Plc is an independent investment and wealth management bank which provides wealth management, equity and derivatives brokerage, investment research and corporate finance services.

The company’s clients are institutions, companies and present or future high net worth private individuals. Evli is besides of Ingman Group mainly owned by its employees and founders.

Evli was established in 1985, and has since then been a pioneer in the rapidly developing capital markets. The company’s growth and success are based on the strong expertise of its employees and their ability, gained through experience, to seek out solutions that provide added value for their clients. Evli’s objective is to build long-term client relationships based on trust. 

Evli has offices in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia and employs approximately 250 people. On the basis of its sound local and market knowledge, the company offers its clients individualized, high-quality services and solutions and effectively executes their orders. The company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki exchange.


Ingman Group has been a co-owner of Evli since 2009.


Massby Facility & Services Ltd. Oy


Massby Facility & Service Ltd. Oy is a real estate- and service company, which owns the property where the former Ingman Foods operated in Söderkulla. Nowadays Arla Foods as well as Unilever Ingman Productions are using it for their business.

The company takes care of different service functions associated with the production within the facility.


Ingman Group owns 40 % of the shares.

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