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Ingman Group is a Finnish family-owned multisectoral group. The company’s aim is to create long-term value growth by operating in companies with attractive potential,  primarily in Finland, but also in the neighboring areas.

Our investments vary from long-term holdings in subsidiaries, of which we own over 50 %, to short-term investments in securities. The long-term holdings are primarily in subsidiaries and in associated companies, but other kind of investments can also be both significant and long-term, although they do not reach the status of subsidiary or associated company.

The company’s business idea is to invest primarily in Finnish companies and companies in neighboring areas, which values match ours and in which a clear growth potential can be seen. The aim is to develop these companies by being an active and long-term owner. The work and support mainly takes place through the board of directors.

Company structure

Ingman Group Oy Ab is the mother company of the group Ingman Group. Ingman Group Oy Ab has four fully owned subsidiaries, the security company Ingman Finance Oy Ab, the development company Ingman Development Oy Ab, the Estonian company Ingman Baltic Sea Finance OÜ and the facility company Fastighets Ab Sibbo Solbacka, which has different types of facilities for rent. The group consists also of the subsidiaries Halti Oy and Etteplan Oyj. The associated companies are Massby Facilities & Services Ltd. Oy, Trigon Dairy Farming, M-Brain Oy, Digia Oyj and The Qt Company Oyj.


Operative organization

Robert Ingman

Managing director​

Tina Ingman

Financial director​

Veikko Aaltonen

Administrative manager

Pirjo Akkanen

HR manager

Kirsti Kivistö

Accounting manager​

Tuija Johannes


Tarja Summanen

Business controller

Jyrki Lapveteläinen

IT expert

Tony Ingman

Portfolio manager​

Peter Ingman


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The history of the company in brief

Ingman Group's business was founded in 1929 by Hjalmar Ingman when he first started producing curdled milk which he sold on the Kauppatori in Helsinki. The business grew quickly, apart from a more quiet period during World War II. The assortment got wider when curd, sourcream and traditional cream cheese were introduced in the beginning of the 1950's. In 1961 the first real factory was built. In 1969 the production of yoghurt began, which was crucial for the company's future.

During the 1970's the company grew through acquisitions and the product range expanded. The company started the production of ice cream in Sipoo in 1978. The 1980's was favorable for the company and the consumption within almost all product groups increased. A significant phase in the history was when Hj. Ingman and Hemholmen merged in 1988 and the company Hemholmen-Ingman was established. The merge of the companies enabled the construction of a new factory in Sipoo. All operations were moved to the new factory when it stood completed in 1991. 

In the early 1990's the export eastwards was important and Apetit Pakaste Oy was acquired. The activities of the company merged with Kotisaari-Ingman, which at the same time changed the name to Ingman Foods Oy Ab. In 1992 the Lithuanian company Ingman Vega was founded and the ice cream production started already the following year. In 2000 the food business was demerged, and continued under the name Ingman Foods. The remaining part, the parent company, took the name Ingman Group. As a result of the action the industrial activities were separated from the other activities.

The majority of the shares in Åhus Glass were acquired in the early 2000's. The same year the brand Sun Ice was purchased. In 2006 Ingman Foods was split into a dairy company Ingman Foods Oy Ab and an ice cream company Ingman Ice Cream Oy Ab. In January 2007 30% of Ingman Foods (dairy business) was sold to Arla Foods AB and the remaining 70% in August 2008.

The ice cream business strengthened its position in the east by expanding to Belarus in 2009. By the time of the sales of Ingman Ice Cream to Suomen Unilever Oy in December 2011, the company had a strong position in all the Baltic countries, a good start in Belarus and a predecessor position in non-dairy ice cream in both Scandinavia and England.


In the summer 2012 Ingman Group aquired the majority in Halti Oy. The following year Ingman Development, which bought shares in Trigon Dairy Farming, was established. During the autumn 2013 the majority of the shares in Etteplan Oyj was aqcuired and the share of M-Brain exceeded the limit for associated companies. During the spring 2014 Digia Oyj became an assiciated company. Two years later Digia was split in two companies, Digia Oyj and The Qt Company Oyj.

Board of Directors

Robert Ingman


Ulrica Holmgren

Marika Ingman

Patrik Ingman

Peter Ingman

Tina Ingman

Christer Landgren

Veikko Aaltonen


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